We have two separate data products designed specifically for institutional investors in the crypto market, covering 2 different use cases: CryptoRiskIQ and Social Pulse.

CryptoRiskIQ provides daily tracking of the top 2,000 coins with a main focus on long-term indicators. This data can be delivered as visual dashboards or API. Granularity and comprehensive coverage make this tool ideal for crypto projects' analysts and risk managers, allowing them to evaluate the health of a crypto project, conduct deeper due diligence, and assess risks like never before.

Development activityNumber of contributors10+ yearsdaily
Number of commits10+ yearsdaily
Scoring contributor’s experience by GitHub profile10+ yearsdaily
Contributors' intersection with other projects10+ yearsdaily
Activity in early adopters' groupsNumber of members of the coin's group on Telegram/Discord/Reddit1 yeardaily
Daily messages volume in coin's Telegram/Reddit group1 yeardaily
Social buzzNumber of coin mentions on Twitter/Reddit1 yeardaily
The sentiment of mentions on Twitter/Reddit1 yeardaily

Social Pulse is designed specifically for the algorithmic trading use case - we track the top 100 coins by liquidity, with a 10-minute granularity (almost real-time). This data stream provides an in-depth look at the social movements and sentiment around crypto and is perfectly suitable for quants and algorithmic traders.

TwitterNumber of coin mentions on global Twitter10 min
Number of coin mentions by crypto Twitter influencers10 min
The sentiment of mentions10 min
RedditNumber of coin mentions on global Reddit10 min
Number of coin mentions in the post title10 min
The sentiment of mentions10 min
TelegramNumber of coin mentions on global Telegram in public crypto groups10 min
The sentiment of mentions10 min

In a nutshell:

  • CryptoRiskIQ is for you if you are focused on long-term investments
  • Social Pulse is for you if you're looking for real-time insights and data to inform your short-term trading decisions and feed trading models